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  1. Hello captains, do you have some new info regarding of magenta level off symbol and magenta continue descend symbol? Do you have some result of your check. Thank you Ondrej LKMT
  2. Hello captain, I have the same problem after take off. Ondrej Benda LKMT
  3. Hello captains. On my ND absent magenta level off symbol and continue descent symbol. Assume, that airbus 319 is in descend phase. If im insert altitude restricton for some waypoint in the vertical devialtion page, it should be displayed on ND as "altitude restriction" (numerical representation) in connection with magenta level off symbol and continue descend symbol. May be that Im doing something wrong, but on my ND this symbols (magenta level off and continue descend symbol) missing. Its interesting, that in climb phase - magenta level off symbol and continue climb symbol are displayed precisely. I would like ask you, whether this symbols (level off, continue descend) are simulate, or not for airbus 319 proffesional version, or could you explain me, how this symbols set correctly? (If I know, magenta level off symbols and continue descend symbols was simulated very precisely in older airbus extand version for FSX). Ondrej Benda LKMT
  4. Hello captains. I had the same problem with L/DEV indication (flashing amber) in situation when navigation performance meet the conditions for RNAV approach (RNP 0,2 and ANP 0,01) YSCB RWY35 RNAV Y via BIBRU. When I replaced PFD.xml - now it has been working perfectly. Thank you for fast cooperation and very complex job. Ondrej.
  5. Small amendment. All lateral changes (interventions) in actual flight plan (for example replacement RWY or VIA for approach) should be perform in SEC-FPLN. 1. Sec FPLN 2. Copy active (KMSP, MUSCL3, via GREAK, RNAV Y 12R) 3. lat. rev. page 4. select new dest - KMSP ( by this way you delete previous star and rwy) 5. insert rwy: RNAV Y 12L 6 insert star: MUSCL3, via CMMOE 7 In approach page: enter destination data 8. activate: Sec FPLN Happy landing
  6. Easy way how to change STAR in flight. Presume that you are fly: Dest: KMSP/ STAR: MUSCL3 - RNAV Y12R vias Greak and ATC change RWY from 12R to RNAV Y 12L vias CMMO Try this: 1/ F-PLN page 2/ lat. rev. page 3/ select new dest - KMSP ( by this way you delete previous star and rwy) 4/ insert rwy RNAV Y 12L 5/ insert star: MUSCL3
  7. Hello captains. Fantastic job. I would like appreciate your work. I will wait with enthusiasm for implementation of this up to date PFD functions. Thank you and happy landing.
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