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Some boxes in the Cockpit


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Not to necromance the thread, but I just noticed this for the first time today - no idea why I hadn't in the past.  Running 1.31.  It persists after a reinstall as well.  No sign of it on the A318, A319 or A320 models.


Anyway, it is more pronounced with the dome light on, and looks different depending on where you are in the cockpit (i.e. captain vs. FO seat):






Pictured is the IAE version.  Note the ADIRS status lights look masked out.  The CFM version also has this problem, albeit slightly different: in that case the ADIRS buttons aren't masked but the RCDR panel CVR Test button is, and it's visible as a gray ring around many of the same buttons in the central panels.


I'm assuming this will be addressed with the 2018 reboot, but thought it doesn't hurt to be the squeaky wheel...

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