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Peter Lürkens

CumulusX! Version (bugfix)

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Dear friends of virtual soaring,

the bug discovered in the previous release of CumulusX! has been fixed now and a new version is available for installation. For those who had already installed the last release 1.9.1 and do not want to re-download the entire package a hotfix is available which only contains the executable file V1.9.1.2, which should replace the executable V1.9.1.

Those who are still using the older version 1.9. shoud consider installing the complete new package to get also the most recent documentation easily. It is not required to uninstall CumulusX! prior to updating.

The new versions can be found here:


Thanks for your patience and have a lot of fun,


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Thanks, Peter! I'll try and post that there is an update on the SOAR main page tomorrow when I find the time.


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