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Noise abatement manual Take Off - not holding the speed

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Hello :)

Compared to the Airbus Extended (was no problem) its a new thing- Maybe I have forgot something.

Holding at RWY.

V1 145

VR 147

V2 148

I want to make a manual flying noise abatement.

Set Level and ACC to 1500/3000 in the FMC. Set speed at FCU to v2 + 10 (158 knots) and Pull heading button.

Moving throttle to Flex and my Autothrust button at FCU turns green. At rotate I pull the stick to 10 degrees, and climb to 1500 AGL and move levers to CLIMB,

but instead of keep my speed set at FCU to 158, the speed just continue increasing - I have not turned on the Autopilot - because I want a manual TO.

Have I forgot something ?

Chris from Denmark :)

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You state you pulled heading knob, but I take it you mean speed knob?

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No speed knob is pulled and shows 162. But after thrustlevers are set to climb- speed still increasing slowly and not stay at 162..

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After my SID way I do not delete line F-PLN Discontinuity

then I can keep the speed, if I delete the line it slowly increase the speed even FCU speed says 158 or 162 depending on what I have set...

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A few points

Firstly, you are setting your altitudes incorrectly, assuming you are flying in Europe (i don't know about the rest of the world, but you're Danish so I'm making that assumption). In Europe, for NADP1, you should set your thrust reduction altitude to 1000ft above airfield elevation, converted to a barometric altitude, and set your acceleration altitude to 2000ft above. So, for instance, if you were flying from an airport at an elevation of 200ft, those altitudes on the Perf page of the MCDU would read "1200/3200". NADP2 would, of course, just read "1200/1200". I'm not sure why the Airbus add-on defaults it to 1500ft above - I can only assume that this comes from US procedures.

Secondly, you should be rotating to 15 degrees, not 10. Even with an engine failure after V1 you would be rotating to more than that (12.5 degrees).

Why oh why are you setting V2 + 10 in the FCU? Don't do that. Just leave the speed alone and let it manage itself. I've seen people on twitch do this and it boggles my mind. The aircraft will maintain that by itself, it doesn't need you fiddling with it. The only time you show be touching the speed section of the FCU before takeoff is when you are carrying out a wraparound SID that requires you at or below 220kts, but your Green Dot + 5 is below this speed. In which case you can either play with auto flap retract or simply hold off on reducing flaps by selecting 180kts. So even this scenario doesn't ask you to manually set V2+10 on the FCU. You shouldn't do that in future.

But the main reason you're having problems is that you're moving your thrust levers into the climb gate right away. You're supposed to be waiting until the acceleration altitude to do that (wait until the PFD speed FMA flashes "Lever Climb, then regard the thrust levers to the climb gate). By initiating it early, youre throwing away your NADP1, so your aircraft is entering the acceleration phase early.

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