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flols gauge not working


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Hi tried it in Dinos T45 (VC 2) doesnt have VC1 doesnt show doesnt even register in FSX also tried it in razbam buckeye VC01 still no show. Manual says it places gauge in gauge folder it does not, I tried it in default aerosft folder with path from manual no show, tried it with gauge in gauge folder and set path accordingly still no show.


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can you please provide further information about what you are doing step-by-step?


Simple, i add the required line as per your Docs, to the required config. In the case of deanos T45 under VC02 since there is no VC01.Stsrt flight on carrier with Tomcat replace plane withT45. Do flight No FLOLS. FSX doest even ask for to register gauge. I know its not working as you can see the lights from where the plane spawns. In the tomcat they are on in the T45 they are off same with the Buckeye which uses VC01.Someone posted inanother flightsim forum of the sme issue. Asnoted previously, one DOc says gauge is in aerosoft folder as per the path. the other says it is in the gauge folder. It doesnt work no matter which folder i put the gauge in. Unless i missed a step.









gauge00=T-2_Buckeye!T-2_Gunsight, 2,3,1015,1015

gauge01=T-2_Buckeye!Launch Bar, 979,981,20,20

gauge02=T-2_Buckeye!T-2A_EMC, 9,967,42,42

gauge81=RFN_CarrierGauge!TACAN_Navigation, 0, 0, 0, 0, Nav1

gauge82=RFN_CarrierGauge!CustomCatapult, 0, 0,

gauge83=RFN_CarrierGauge!Approach_Ctrl, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.0

gauge84=DSD_Sound_Gauge!Sound, 0, 0,


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Quote from Vol 7 - Carrier Operations:

"CV-63 has a custom implemented FLOLS system that is compatible with any aircraft, but a gauge must first be installed prior to use. It is a simple line addition to an aircraft's panel.cfg:

gaugeXX =..\..\..\..\Aerosoft\F-14A\FLOLS\CV63_FLOLS!FLOLS_CV63

*Where XX is the next available gauge number"

I have tried this on all of my navy fighters and it doesn't work, whether you install the gauge in the general gauge folder or in the plane panel folder. You can't see the Kitty Hawk. The HUD of the plane you use must be modified to recognize this carrier.


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Hello all,

I was able to try this out last weekend, but can't verify the issue. I've tried both Dino's T-45 and the Virtavia A-4 in both P3D v2.5 and FSX Gold, and the FLOLS works in both instances.

To installed the gauge, I copied the line below into the end of [VCockpit02]


The method above duplicates how the FLOLS gauge is installed in the F-14; and also, while there are some subtle differences in how lights are referenced to the F-14 compared to other aircraft, the basic connectivity is generic to the user's aircraft.

Kindest Regards,


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