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Excessive roll to the right


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My Twin Otter rolls to the right in all apsects of flight. Ive checked the load manager and the cabin is balanced, as is the fuel. Its making the aircraft very hard to handle and spoiling what is otherwise an excellent product.

Any ideas how to correct this please?



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi Andy,

It should not do that obviously. However, we need more info about your setup to be able to help.

Can you tell us a bit more about the controls you are using? Yoke, pedals? Calibrated? FSUIPC?

What happens if you set throttles to idle in flight?

What happens when you disconnect the controls and fly by using the keyboard?

Other aircraft do not have this tendency?

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Im using a logitech joystick, no pedals and its calibrated perfectly as i have no problems with other aircraft. I have FSUIPC but not sure if i need to do something with that re the twin otter?

Im having to use -5 on the aileron trim to keep it level but on descent and landing even that is not enough.

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