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A few sugestions and comments

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Hi simmers!

I would like to bring up some suggestions for the developer(s) maybe they are mentioned before but i'm not an alien who can remember all of them :dumb_me_s:

I can not see all fixes on radar while they are in a SID. When I give the aircraft a direct to the last point in the SID than it suddenly shows up.

Often aircraft just fly runway hdg after takeoff.

When cleared for a visual approach they make a max bank angle to get to the center line asap, they should just continue heading and slowly turn into position in front of the runway. Clear a pilot for visual approach does not mean find the runway center line a quick as you can :)

With 20 aircrafts inbound and 10 outbound I get totally lost in the flightstrips. Not even to start when you have 40 inbound for example.

When I select an aircraft I think its better to make the strip belonging to that aircraft pop out a bit so you can see which one it is in the huge amount of flight strips.

When clicking a label I get a popup what I want to do with that aircraft, I think its easier that when you click the label you can drag for a new wp/hdg. And when double click open the popup action thingy.

The label is huge compared to the aircraft blip. 9/10 I miss-click or accidentally click on the label

Can we implement transition altitude and level?

A command or button to select maintain hdg after they pas last cleared wp instead of going into a holding all the time

A after.. command, for example ''after sugol direct to spl''

A history box what commands you gave to aircraft, lets say the last 10 or 20

Be able to turn on/off VOR,NDB and fixes. If I am zoomed out a bit I cant use the click-drag cause its one big mess of fixes etc. Also I dont see some crucial points (EHAM) without turning on the Stars. Why is that?

This is it for now I think, sure I'll have some more soon.

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