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Alternative script for the checklist autofeather test

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During an attempt to replicate an issue reported by a customer with the Checklist Autofeather test (Which I could not replicate), I found that the part where the engines are runup to 88% Ng, could cause the aircraft to start rolling.

I have now tweaked the script to runup the engines slower, as well as keeping them a few % below 88% Ng. The test can still be executed, since the Autofeather ARM light is lit allready above 70% Ng.

Simply download this zip file and unpack it into Your main FSX directory and answer yes when prompted to overwrite (Copy & replace):


This should not be regarded as a patch or hotfix, but rather as an enhancement.

Only use this if You experience problems with the autofeather test.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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