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Q: Can you use voice control?

A: No, we decided against that in this release. The reason is rather benign, it works fine in Windows for English but is problematic for non-english speakers. All the other ATC simulators that do use it were tested in our offices (by Germans!) and we simply did not find it good enough, it was slow and inconsistent. The interface we designed allows you to control the simulator at the same speed a professional control would work at.

Q: Not an FSX / Xplane add-on?

A: Nope, this is a 100% standalone simulation. If you want ATC in X-Plane or FSX you are far better served by the great folks who run VATSIM and IVAO. Nothing beats a real life controller and real life pilots.

Q: Do I need to be online to use this?

A: No. there are certain functions, like the newsfeed and the high scores, that require you to be connected but the simulation itself runs fully on your own computer. You need need to activate the software online though!

Q: And what does that coverage include?

A: For each (!) of those airports you get all the runways, approaches, SIDs and STARs. In fact you get the exact same database as used by the majority of airliners flying today. So it is 100% realistic.

Q: Is Hong Kong Kai Tak included?

A: No, as the database is the same as real aircraft use, airports that are no longer in operation are not included. You could make one however.

Q: What database is used?

A: The database is the same as we use for NavDataPro, there is a new version available every month because real aircraft need always up to date data. You do not have to update but if your local airport gets a new runway you can always get a new database. We sell them in packs of one, four or thirteen (a full years update). The same database you buy can be used in all kinds of FSX/FS2004 and X-Plane add-ons. So you buy it for all your simulation needs, not just for GATC. If you prefer Navigraph, no problem, works as well, just pick the version for the original Aerosoft Airbus X Extended (so not the version for the 1.15 and beyond version). But whatever you use, it is the same as the majority of real aircraft use. Keep in mind that for the vast majority of airports things hardly change so only update when you feel it is needed. Don't waste money.

Q: And aircraft?

A: All the major airliners are included, so they will have the correct turn radius, approach speeds, climb rates etc. A A320 will behave very different then a A380. If there is an aircraft missing it is easy to add (but do share it with others!)

Q: Airlines?

A: A bit more difficult as for every airline we have to add all the aircraft they use and all the destinations they fly to. And there are a LOT of airlines (one even called LOT) and there are no easy to use databases for this. So while there are many airlines included, the list is not complete. We'll keep adding them and we hope customer will to. But from the start you will see the correct airlines with the correct aircraft at all airports.

Q: Is it a game or a simulation?

A: A pretty hardcore simulation with game mode. In the game mode (that is still as realistic as the normal mode) you will get more and more traffic to deal with until two aircraft get too close together. Then it stops and you get a score you can compare with others, We found that real controllers loved this mode as it tested their skills to the limit.

Q: What about multiplayer?

A: In this version GATC only supports multiplayer via LAN (Local Area Network, so the network in your home or office) and not via the Internet. Both the computers need to be connected to the same network. There are however way around this. One very well-known solution is using Hamachi, a software solution to link two computers via the Internet and make them think they are on the same network. Sounds complex, but it’s pretty straightforward and the free version works fine with GATC. You will find Hamachi here: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/

Q: What hardware is needed?

A: Basically anything that will run Windows 7 or 8 will do. Graphics card hardly matters, can have as little as 128 Mb memory.

Q: Any .net runtimes needed?

A: Yes, you to have .NET Framework 4 Full (http://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=17718), not just the client profile. This is most likely already on your system. If not you will need to install it.

Q: What's the price?

A: Euro 25.20 for download, euro 25.17 for the boxed (plus EU VAT when applicable). So that's about $34.

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