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CHecklist items are "greyed" out

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I flew yesterday, with no problem. Today when I was setting up the right hand MCDU was grayed out apart from the options, every other one is grayed out..

Would some tell me what I am doing wrong


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If really after completely loading the AXE only the OPTIONS are not "grey" then something has happened with you installation. But I would suggest to try it again and wait with changing to the right MCDU until the AXE has been fully loaded and there are no more "warning messages" on the ECAM-U. Only the CL might be grey if you have not loaded one of the 4 defined aircraft states. Doors and Groundpower can only be accessed with COLD/DARK and TURNAROUND states ......



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Because we did not receive any answer I believe that the problem has been solved. So I will close this post as "solved".


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