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PFPX, ETOPS, PMDG777 - Part 2 (Flightdeck)

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Hey Belisar,

Just wanted to thank you for your work! This is great stuff!!!

I did my first Atlantic crossing (EGLL/KATL) with it!

Looking forward to the coming guides!

I am looking for a MNPS checklist. Any hints or suggestions guys?

Cheers Jan

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Hi Belisar,

Another excellent training aid. Many thanks.

May I suggest that you avoid losing your tutorials amongst the masses of forum posts by making them downloadable from the User Files section of the PMDG Downloads tab?

Kind regards, Richard

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QQ: Should the duplicate "Type EGLL and KBOS for our origin/destination" on page 10 be there?

Nope :D

@Richard, the user files section on the PMDG website, I think, it is meant for files PMDG asks to place there. It currently has only some VC views of the graciously aging, beloved 747, and FMC plans for Australia. It doesn't have any upload utility that I know of.

In any case, I am looking into ways to make them more easily reached, but the outreach here has been very good, as well. Probably I will as at a later moment to have the threads merged so that they are all in the same thread and if the mods like for that to be pinned. I might squeeze in other reference cards/guides I make like this:



Which deals with METAR cloud information and is mainly aimed at newer members of the community trying to get to grips with the mumbo jumbo.

This weekend I will do a similar guide to Part 2 dealing with a flight from RJAA to KSFO, followed by KSFO to NZAA and OMDB-YSSY.


Kind regards,


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