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  1. I would like to see a great step to the future by taking the advanced logic of PFPX, fixes to known problems and inadequacies, and TOPCAT integration packaged into a PFPX v2
  2. I wouldn't hold out much hope of any response from Christian. As a long term devotee of PFPX I have now sadly given up on using PFPX. SimBrief for MSFS aircraft will be my go-to planner.
  3. Many thanks Stephen. Just what I was looking for. I have now subscribed to their change announcements. I have set my prohibited FIRs to: HAAA HCSM HHAA HLLL HSSX OAKX OIIX OPKR OPLR ORBB ORMM OSTT OYSC SVZM UKBV UKCV UKDV UKFV UKHV UKLV UKOV ZKKP
  4. Prohibited FIRs and UIRs may be specified in the PFPX.Configuration.Planning window. At present I use the following prohibited FIRs: DTTC, HCSM, HLLL, HSSS, OAKX, OSTT, OYSC, SVZM, UKDV, UKFV and ZKKP. I don't know whether these are valid. Is there a data source that I could use that would enable these parameters to be kept up to date?
  5. Hi JP, Agree completely. Most dogs have 4 legs, but not all animals with 4 legs are dogs!
  6. No, just no experience of Simbrief on long haul planning. PFPX, however, offers more realistic features, I believe, like forthcoming weather at waypoints and redispatch.
  7. I believe that there is no better planning tool currently available for pilots wishing to plan correctly for longer haul flights. PFPX continues to perform well even after all these years. With the coming of GFO, I shall continue to plan with PFPX for my long B777 flights. I accept that if a pilot wants to plan short haul flights then an alternative planning tool might be appropriate.
  8. Craig, Will you reduce your fleet size when GFO is able to maintain the fleet?
  9. Hi Craig, I had the same problems with my v2.04 installation. Many thanks to Stephen (again!) for the above solution. All working correctly now. A very merry Christmas to you and Stephen.
  10. Hi Jeff, I had a problem recently recovering access to AIRAC data which was resolved by Judith. Also received a seasons greetings from Judith and Christian. So there are 'signs of life'. A very happy and safe Christmas to you.
  11. When I uninstall v2.03 and install v2.04, my Server subscription shows as checked and valid until 03-DEC-2021, but when I enter the Coupon code I get a box stating that the code has already been used and won't allow me to proceed from Nav 1607. Argh!
  12. Hi Tom, Thanks for your prompt reply. I hope that I am not just 'losing it'! I have certainly run the AS_PFPZ_V204.exe installer. The PFPX.exe Properties>Details window also shows the File version and Productversion as But the app shows Configuration>General as installed version 2.03 and Available version as 2.04 with the Automatically check for updates box checked. No update was automatically offered. What is happening? Kind regards, Richard
  13. Although Matthijs states that the new version 2/04 is now available, on installation, the version shows as 2.03. I am unsure whether there is a new version as the CFMU Route Validation option still appears.
  14. Perhaps too early to tell, but what changes are detected with v2.04?
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