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  1. Richard McDonald Woods

    Q400 aircraft type not recognised by PFPX v2

    Thanks Stephen My original problem with the downloaded Q400_v1.00.per from has become unnecessary as I now realise that there is the Bombardier Dash8-Q402 already present. Many thanks for your help, A very happy New Year
  2. Richard McDonald Woods

    Q400 aircraft type not recognised by PFPX v2

    Hi Stephen, Yes, the Q400.per is in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes and renamed, as suggested by Mykyta, without the v1.00 part. In the Aircraft List window I then Add a New Aircraft (not New fromTemplate) but the dropdown does not list the Q400. But since raising this issue I realise that there is already a Bombardier Dash8-Q400 present in PFPX v2.03 as released (shown in your picture). So my query remains unresolved but at least I can plan a Q400 flight. Many thanks, A Happy New Year, Regards, Richard
  3. I have downloaded the Q400 .per file from Airliners Performance but PFPX does not list it in the dropdown for adding an aircraft. What is going wrong?
  4. Can anyone supply me with a performance file for this aircraft please? If not, a performance file for another single engine aircraft? Many thanks in anticipation.šŸ˜Š
  5. Richard McDonald Woods

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Understand, but it would be great if the .pdf was to be available within the virtual cockpit.
  6. Richard McDonald Woods

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Great news, Judith and Christian, re new daughter and new release
  7. Richard McDonald Woods

    B748 performance data

    With the imminent release of the PMDG B748, will we have PFPX support for the aircraft?
  8. Hi! I feel that much greater flexibility is offered by using video. A mixture of photos, video, text and audio, although requiring a lot of forethought, is likely to give the greatest impact. From making my YouTube videos, though, I know just how much work is involved in creating something with which I am happy. Best of luck Regards, Richard
  9. To ensure that I have my PANC airport scenery installed correctly with P3Dv4.2, I have flown in/out as a part of a grand world trip. At the same time I have made a video of my arrival/departure. If you would like to view the airport, go to my YouTube channel. If you would like to see additional airports as I video them, then press my YouTube red Subsrcibe button. I look forward to any helpful comments you wish to contribute, either below each video or to this forum. Regards, Richard
  10. Hi Stephen, Nothing stops use as advertised. That's not my point. However unreasonable I expect that, until a product has its support withdrawn, that there will be some evidence of ongoing development/support. I am not complaining, just showing my disappointment at not seeing a rounded-out product.
  11. Hi Ray, I'm not knowledgeable re GA, but know of nothing, outside particular aircraft models, that will help you, I'm afraid. Christian appears to have become overwhelmed by real-world aviation workloads over recent years and, much as we do receive occasional statements tending towards new releases, little happens. It's such a pity because both TOPCAT and PFPX offer very valuable functions but have never got beyond supporting a small subset of aircraft, and then not entirely accurately. Still, I believe that I have had my moneys worth long ago! I would agree that it's not 'proper' to keep offering for sale two products with zero support. Regards, Richard
  12. Hi Ray, Some hope, unfortunately With announcements like PMDG's, I suspect that the interest in a TOPCAT (or whatever) has gone as EFB developments within individual aircraft types come forward.
  13. Richard McDonald Woods

    Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Many thanks, Mathijs
  14. I am pleased to announce a rather different approach to flight simulation videos using PFPX. A 6-part B777-300ER tutorial demonstrating a long-haul flight across the Pacific from YSSY to CYVR using the PMDG simulator. The tutorial is intended to educate, entertain and to provoke informed discussions on this forum by covering flight planning, flight preparation, departure, en route and arrival procedures. It includes planning for and execution of ETOPS and re-dispatch procedures. I decided to make the captain the centre of all views. So, no views that a real-world captain cannot see. The tutorial element is supported by voice interactions with both the crew and air traffic control and extensive helpful texts. You can also view the flight plan. A full list of hardware and software used in the making of the tutorial is included at the end. Please contribute your comments as posts to this forum.
  15. Richard McDonald Woods

    What is RDSP ADD?

    Hi Christian, Solved! Stephen found a 'rogue' 20 hours set in a hold time. Don't know how it got there, but now fixed. Apologies for troubling you.