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Start locks

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Alright, I might be just too dump, but really couldn't find anything in the manual. What's to do after starting the engine of the float version (I selected start locks in the checklist). The display in the instrument panel shows the props are in beta range, but how can I set them to normal? Prop axis doesn't work and I couldn't find a button in the cockpit.

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Simply move your power lever(s) into beta/reverse range until torque increases and then back to idle. The start locks are disengaged when the beta range lights have extinguished - if not, move the power levers further into reverse.

Please read manual Vol. 1 page 1-1-11 "Float plane with startlocks".

Due to the way we simulate Start locks, the Propeller levers will be locked full forward (They need to be there anyway, when starting a float plane, that has startlocks fitted). I must admit that this is a small limitation in our simulation of the Twin Otter.


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