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Does it fly like the Katana 20-100 4X ?


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I have a slight impression that the Robin DR400 flies like the Katana 4X (which I have). For example the described left turning tendency sounds just like the Katana which I find awkward to handfly. Or am I mistaken ? Is the Robin a very different product compared to Katana ? Would like to know before I spend more money on DR400.

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The release version has different FM's for the various versions. The D-EVEM has the strongest left turning tendence.

For those who don´t like it easier flight models can be downloaded from the update page.

The two products are made by different developers.


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No it flies like a DR400.

D-EVEM like a badly-rigged DR400, but a DR400 nonetheless.

As I have many hours in both types in the real world there is no comparison.

In the sim world, one is a sophisticated full-systems simulator, the other a simple runabout with a lovely set of `quirks` - and quite a bit faster.

That is the comparison.

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