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Bug tracking - P3D


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Hi all,

I was expecting this bird since a long time as most of you, so I was expecting her to be perfect.

As everything in our real world, she's not ;-)

Then can I start this bug tracking list ? I'm sure you will provide a patch in a near future to enhance the bird.

Thanks in advance !

Please notice that I use Prepar3D. Some problem may affect only this sim and not FSX.

Here are my current bug list :

- Check-list disappears when I try to reverse it (try to see choice for cold & dark/running options). Then it's not available anymore until I reload aircraft

- Radio communications are always active, even when radio stack is Off

- Battery switch Off does not switch off the panel lighting (or is it compliant to the real model ?)

And may I present here what I consider to be some missing stuff (my personal opinion of course ;-) please don't get hurt)

- no tyre sound during landing when wheels touch the ground

- no change in engine or env. sound between cockpit open or close situations

- A single VC camera set - pilot seat

- From this unique VC view: Radio stack and transponder power switch can't be used when throttle is on Idle or near idle position

- Panel of the 2 french liveries are written in english and german :-(. you guessed, I'm french and this is a french aircraft ;-)

- no paint-kit supplied

Thanks so far for reading this :hi2_s:

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  • Developer


To open ... left click

To turn page...right click

Radio comm...

This is the case for all FSX radios... FSX SDK has no power On/Off event

Panel light....

Standard FSX behviour

Tire sound..

We might need to look at that

Sound open vs closed cockpit...

Again an FSX issue. Our own sound module does not feature it either.

VC camera view(s)...

Somting we might look at

Power switch for radio and transponder hidden by the throttle lever...

Left cklick the base of the throttle lever to hide it

Panel text...

We "only" offer four different VC's, but they are bound to equipment rather than nationality

Paint kit...

I think Joachim answered this in another thread.


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Hmm, the tire sound must be an P3D thing, because I clearly hear them.

Does the checklist disappears in a way, that you can't see it at all anmore? or is it back next to the seat in this case?

bests, Joachim

I confirm, it completly disappears, not back in its room. I see beginning of paper rotation, then when it reach 90°, just before you switch second face, it disapears. Perhaps a texture behaviour specific in P3D ?


You wrote about several items that it's FSX issue, perhaps, I'm not a FSX programmer. However, most of high end addons solved them, like A2A or the wonderfull Diamond Katana. So it seems possible to override those issues.

Thanks for your feedback

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@Finn - Understood

he invisible checklist is strange though.

I have no idea what could cause it.

Does that happen on all models?

Yes, all models. (just verified now again)

Do you have a P3D installation to test ? If not I can run additional tests for you, just ask.

I don' t know if I can create a trace log from the Robin.

Is there another way of switching cold&dark ?

What about tyre touchdown sound ?

Thanks for your support

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Any news about the check-list and tyre sound issues in P3D ?

I have both FSX and P3D installed on my system, and installed the Robin in both simulators.

I do have tire 'screech' sound on landing in both sims, although the tire sound is weak and short.

Same for the flaps sound, very very weak, but audible when the engine is not running and the sound level turned up.

Roland, did you try to increase the 'cockpit sounds' in P3D, slider to 100%?

As for the backside of the checklist, I confirm that with me in P3D the sheet completely disappears.

Joachim, I like this little plane a lot, thank you for creating it (with Finn and John of course!).

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Regarding the checklist, still no idea, sorry. (But good, that all P3D people have it)

Joachim, Finn,

Since the back of the checklist contains the 'cold and dark' and 'ready to fly' switch I cannot access these in P3D.

Is it possible (as a (temporary?) workaround) to have both checklist sides as a 2-D popup attached to the panel keys (Shift-1 etc)?

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Thank you, Joachim.

It would be very helpful to have the 'cold & Dark' switch (now on the backside of the checklist) available in P3D somehow. I had a lot of trouble to get the engine started (without that switch) because of almost all my situation files were 'wrong' for this and I had trouble to get back the P3D default flight. But in the end that was the only solution and I succeeded engine starting (without cntrl-E).

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  • 1 month later...
  • Deputy Sheriffs

Regarding the checklist, still no idea, sorry. (But good, that all P3D people have it)

Hi Joachim,

Finn possibly found the solution to the checklist (flipside) problem in P3D.

Could you please look at this?

It would also be better to fix it before the boxed version comes out. ;)

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Of course. It is on my list, but I have limited time at the moment.

We might do a patch, if that works.

(Have the files already, but no P3D ;-) )

Take the time Joachim, we are patient people, perfection always take time ;-)

@Eric, thanks to wake up the P3D list !

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