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DEF Cold and dark not working

Daniel Gravanis

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So it seems to be clear now that it has something to do with the FSX settings and loading default flights. There might be on very few systems problems with loading the AXE instead of an FSX airplanes. But I do not have any idea what the reason might be. Maybe you should also try to save a flight with the AXE but not setting it to default and then loading this flight by selecting it manually..... If this also works then it is really a problem with the FSX default flight.


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Consider it done, Mr. Hanse.

But in my view, AXE performed as expected with the prove you suggested.

Detailing the procedure

  1. Start FSX. As my default plane is AXE, changed my AXE A320 for a piston plane, changed the default fuel and defined a hot starting in this piston plane.

  2. Saved this as default

  3. Exit FSX

  4. Charge FSX

  5. Select AXE as the plane (the default now is the piston plane, so FSX charges the piston in the free flight screen) to be used intead the piston one.

  6. Charge the flight without touching anithig more

  7. Loaded a C&D state, and this is the state I selected by default for my AXEs....

I'm gong to check the differences when I chrage directly in my default airport and when I charge a FP starting in another airport.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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