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QNH setting and approach checklist


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Hi Hanse

I found this little issue with the QNH setting and the approach checklist.

When I set the baro to destination QNH and the approach checklist is performed the copilot will not except the value unless its the same value as the area im currently in.

I have to press B to move on. Can this be changed?

Can't it just check that the QNH is set as in the APPR PAGE ?

Best regards


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with the next hotfix / release (date not yet known) this problem will be fixed as follows:

During descent and approach the QNH value entered in the MCDU PERF APPR page is used by the copilot. If no value has been entered then the current ambient pressure value will be used (= keyboard ). Like in reality the copilot now enters those figures in visible steps and not anymore at once. Then there is a pause of 2 seconds - during which the user can enter a different value – before the checklists continues. If there is a new turn those values will also be reset for the next flight.

For the time being I will mark this topic as solved and close it.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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