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  1. Yes you can actually hear something and its the F/O moving his chair using the electrical switched on the side of the chair. Regards Jesper
  2. Hi Oliver. That actually worked - I landed succesfully in Brussels Rwy 25L After I started the sim in Brussels and then moved to Gothenburg. Just one other thing though - I called up the Marshaller after I had vacated - this also worked fine now - selected stand 152 - and started taxi there following the Marshaller - when we got there the stand was already occupied - shouldn't AES clear the stand when I select it initially? Thanks Jesper
  3. Hi Oliver. Sure - will try this tonight and report back Thanks Jesper
  4. Hi all. I've been monitoring this thread for a while now. I seem to have some trouble with the AES and different AES airports. And ONLY AES Airports. 1. DFS EBBR. On every final into EBBR (doesn't matter which rwy) I get a CTD whenever I have AES turned on.... very frustrating I've tried almost everything trying to pinpoint the reason. No luck though. I've tried to patch ActiveCamera 2004 after i read about the update to cure the crash - No luck Then I uninstalled AC2004 - No luck Then i tried to turn off AES - everything seemed to work fine - NO CTD I might add that I take-off from ESGG (Gothenburg, Sweden) using the SwedFlight Scenery - Not AES compatible. Here's what i get from FS on the crash AppName: fs9.exe AppVer: ModName: vimaiscn.dll ModVer: 2004.0.14.0 Offset: 00005c90 2. SimWings Canaries - GCTS, GCFV etc. On these I've been able to land after uninstalled AciveCamera 2004 - So this was causing some havoc :-) But after I've landed and want's to call up the Marshaller - as soon as I hit F3 I get a crash - I don't have the error here now - but can edit this post the next time I spend 5 hours on this trip....... On this trip my departure airport is EKCH (Copenhagen, Denmark) also from SwedFlight and also not AES compatible. And i'm flying the FT/Wilco A320CFM using AIRAC 0706 - I'm running AES 1.92a. Also I'm running this on a WinXP x64 (If this matters) What should I do here - since I don't whant to just leave AES - It's such a great add-on - I would greatly appreciate some advice to get it to work. Best regards Jesper
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