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Kai Tak in the AXE

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If you want to use the FMGS to fly in and out of Kai Tak, try the following NavdataPro edits. Starting with some caveats-

You are responsible for any consequences of your own edits (always backup files before changing them!).

These changes are not endorsed/supported by Aerosoft in any way.

All edits can be performed with any text editor.

Find your NavdataPro/NavData folder in your FSX installation. Edit the file airports.txt. Find the entry for VHHH, and add the following lines below:

A,VHHX,HONG KONG OLD,22.31696,114.20262,15,11000,11000,10930



Edit the file navaids.txt. Add the following separate lines. They should be inserted in the file in the appropriate alphabetical order:

IHK,KAI TAK IGS13,111.900,0,1,30,22.32133,114.19537,15,VH,0

KL,KAI TAK ILS31,109.900,0,1,30,22.30479,114.21462,15,VH,0

RW,HONG KONG,377.000,0,0,40,22.32648,114.19117,0,VH,0


Then add the attached file VHHX.txt to you NavdataPro/NavData/Proc folder.


Because of the way the charts are written, I have setup the STARs as approach transistions. After selecting your runway use the VIA key.

There's currently a "feature" where hold front courses don't seem to be correctly read from the database. They are always left as 2degrees. For the 13 and 31 approaches, after inserting the approach edit the hold front course to 270 or 316 degrees respectively.

Course intercepts are currently operating a bit odd. The autopilot will fly them, but will not necessarily track the route line.


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