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Hi Chris,

sorry I believe but the problem you posted here has nothing to do with "Autorudder". This thread only discusses problems with the autorudder functionality in FSX and in the right MCDU i.e. if you do not use pedals and also have no joystick simulating pedals: What do then. I think you problem is related to the settings / calibration of your pedals/joystick. Please have a look into the other threads and I beleive you will find the right answer...... If not then please open a new thread in the right section of this forum. Thanks.

Hanse .

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with the next hotfix (release date not yet known) if in the right MCDU "AUTORUDDER" is set ON there will be no more a rudder check in the "After Engine Start CL"....... This I believe makes it easier for users using the autorudder functionality in FSX.


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