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Problem Luxembourg Scenery with latest update--can`t remove static aircrafts


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Hello aerosoft,

Since I have installed the latest update for ELLX Luxembourg Findel Scenery I can`t use the confi tool, to remove the static aircrafts.

Before the last update I could use the config tool.

Theirfore I can not remove the static aircrafts on the cargo ramp.

There is also no file which starts with static... in the scenery folder, which I could delete.

So hope you can find a solution for me.

P.S. I can only change the season textures with the confic tool. The area where I can change setting for the area in the config tool is grey.

Thank you

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Is there any _Static.bgl files in the scenery?

You could perhaps disable them manually and see if it works although it probably won't be supported by Aerosoft.

Another suggestion you could try running the Config Tool as an Admin. This might work.

Finally, are you sure you are not using the 'Seasons Tool' instead of the Traffic/Config tool?

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