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Service pack 1: Software maintenance on TS2012

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Guest Tiziana

Service Pack 1 - The Cajon Pass and Oxford Paddington kick off the Core Upgrade Programme

On June 19th 2012, railsimulator.com are planning a major piece of software maintenance on Train Simulator 2012 ("TS2012"). This housekeeping process will bring an array of long-term benefits to the TS2012 software.

The Cajon Pass and Oxford-Paddington routes will have significantly improved graphics.

The component files that make up TS2012 will be reorganized allowing us to continue improving the core software, core routes and the software’s efficiency. In addition, Service Pack 1 will lay the footings for prospective new features like Steam Workshop. Keep an eye on Facebook to find out what’s going on.

In summary the TS2012 folder structure on your PC’s hard drive will be rebuilt to give improved asset structures.

Service Pack 1 is an essential part of a programme of updates to the core software and is the start of an ongoing process which will see a rollout of more improvements shortly.


This is an essential update and will take some time to download and install. We recommend that you allow this process to run overnight or when you do not intend to be playing Train Simulator 2012. For full details and expected download times, read the FAQ below.


When will the update happen?

The update is planned to go live via Steam on 19 June 2012.

Will I have to pay for the update?

No, it is free of charge.

Will I need to download anything?

Yes. The next time you start Steam after 19 June 2012, Steam will automatically download the new file organization - replacing your existing set up.

Will my game settings stay as I left them before the install?

Yes - however we recommend that you take a note of your preferred settings before the install.

Simply start Train Simulator 2012, click on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the game wrapper and make a note of your settings. Alternatively, you can press ‘Print Screen’ on your PC keyboard and ‘paste’ a screenshot into a suitable document like a Word document, then save it.

How big will the download be and how long will it take?

The download is approximately 4GB (compressed to around 2GB) and the time to download will vary depending on the speed of your internet link. On typical UK ASDL links, the beta test version took between 1 and 2 hours to download.

Advertised Line Speed Expected/Approximate Download Time

10 MB --> under 30 Minutes

4 MB --> 1H 15 Min

2 MB --> 2H 30 Min

1 MB --> 5H

Will I be able to play TS2012 while it is downloading?

No. You will need to wait until the download is complete before running TS2012.

Will I still have all my RailSimulator.com add-on content ("DLC")?

Yes. Your DLC locomotives and routes will still be available to drive.

What will happen to routes I have created or any non-RailSimulator.com add-ons I have installed?

All this content should be unaffected by Service Pack 1. However, if you have purchased third party products that directly update TS2012 files (which we strongly discourage), these products may not operate or may need to be re-installed.

How can I back up my game content before the update?

There are 2 locations where Steam stores the files depending on which version of windows you are running if you are running the 32 bit version the files will be located at:

Program files\Steam\Steamapps\common\railworks\content.

If you are running the 64 bit version the files will be located at:

Program files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\railworks\content.

Navigate to the appropriate directory and copy all of the files and sub directories to a suitable backup device or drive.

Is there anything I should be aware of?

This is a significant download. For users who have bandwidth restrictions or limits (most mobile broadband packages have such limits), you should be aware excess charges may be applied by your ISP. This might mean seeking out a WiFi or fixed link connection while the download is underway. (see Can I defer Service Pack 1)

Doesn't this sound like you are reinstalling the entire product?

We are reinstalling the content elements of TS2012 to allow us to begin a programme of updating the core content elements. Unfortunately this means re-installing a large part of the product. However, this one-off download should mean that future updates can be done in more manageable chunks.

Can I defer the Service Pack 1?

Yes but we strongly recommend that you remain online and allow Train Simulator 2012 to update, otherwise you will not benefit from the upcoming updates to the software including future versions of our game. Only upgraded software will be supported in the future. If however you still wish to defer the update you will need to set Steam into offline mode before Tuesday.

What’s next?

Upgraded versions of Hagen Siegen, Bath Templecombe, Newcastle York and more exciting announcements! (timetable tbc).

Still need help?

Contact support@railsimulator.com

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Thanks for the info. I however am unclear about the process. What is Steam? I only have TS2012 from Auran and there is no option to download and run SP1.

Am I missing something?

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