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Strange display of text

Mathijs Kok

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Gents, I am doing English support (Shaun is on vacation this week) and I got a customer who has shown me something I have not seen before. Does anybody have any idea what could cause the display of text as shown? Really would like to sort out this for the customer.

Drivers are up to date, FSX.CFG has been reset, resolution is okay and I am stumped.


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Indeed I do, but I also see no answer.

Maybe Google gives you guys a different ordering of the results, but on the first page, there are two hits that seem to exactly resemble the problem stated above. Both were resolved by resetting the display driver settings in the ATI CCC.

Result #1


Result #8


There's another guy with the same problem who has an NVIDIA card, but no answer was given. I suppose trying the same as above in the NVIDIA control center, or updating the GPU driver should fix the issue.


And as always, the more information you give (hardware specs, operating system, display driver version, etc.), the more likely you will receive an answer to your problem.

Snave is probably at work, so I will take his part for now (taking into account that Mathijs is not a noob).

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