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Anyone know how to port it over?

I just tried to copy the files directly from FSX folders.

It mainly works, but the flight computer does not work.

Your help would be appreciated.


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Seems to me a few things aren't working correctly, as well as some graphic glitches.

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Sorry, I have no insight in P3D. I can't tell you how to install it correctly because I simply don't know.

Best regards, Joachim

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I think that this might be an FSUIPC problem.

If the flight computer is somehow dependent on FSUIPC then it will not work in P3D unless you install FSUIPC in P3D.

Just my POV

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I don´t know alot about P3D but....

Did You copy the folder found here in to P3D ?

/.../Flight Simulator X/Modules/b21_vario/

You might also need to add this to Your DLL.xml for P3D:


<Name>b21 vario sound control</Name>








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