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Maybe something wrong?


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Im playing with realistic mode and trying to test simpthoms on engine so I deliberately left the plane out of oil.

Make all the procedures to start the plane and get this temperatures all the way with no faults and damages at all

in fact it lets me takeoff, fly for an hour an land in a perfect way.

So I am suspecting that my installation is wrong in some way. (1.02 version atm)

but can anyone confirm or check it?

FSX Options full realism in any case


another detail is that I left Water coolant container without cap and he didnt lower the water level.


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Well i tried to simulate that for you.

It seem to take ages to get it to get the engine to stop when leaving the oil cap off and to let it run dry by itself.

A quick way to make sure the engine has basically no engine oil in to go into the Data.cfg and changed the oil level down to 0.5 liter and then try it again.

Well I did not even made the end of the runway when I fried the engine and it quit on me

Can you go to your data.cfg file and see if the oil level is really that low

C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\4X_DATA\Diamond DA20-100 'Katana'

replace xxxxx with your username

find a file called data.cfg

backup your data.cfg file.

open with notepad.

Here is the oil section:











then change the LEVEL_OIL= to 0.50000

save the cfg file and restart FSX. try the katana now with really minimum oil and see what hapenn..

to restore original settings just replace data.cfg with your "backup" data.cfg file or use the restore utilty to reset all entries (give you a brand new data.cfg file)

By adjusting the data.cfg file directly, is just to make sure that the plane do have write access to the data file and infact update the data.cfg.

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sorry I can't confirm or check cause I don't want to kill my engine like yours :-)

Are you sure you are still in realistic mode?

by making a backup of data.cfg, you can test, and when finished with testing you can just restore the data.cfg file and you plane is in the same condition as it was before you did the testing

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I Will check in that way. Sounds more reasonably, because I left oil drain untill it desapairs from the dipstick ( so maybe it wasnt that low) but with the temperatures that they gave me and no motor fried?

that makes me doubt about my install!

Later coment

Thanks for your time!

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