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Smart Tow Plan

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Just opt for higher (and unrealistic) tow speed. You may also try with pitch and flaps.



yeah - FSX tows are totally unrealistic with a fully ballasted glider at 90 knots with a climb rate of 10+ knots - in my experience by the time planes get to be towplanes they're fairly gutless -

I've had tows being dragged along the ground too slow to lift off with the towplane already off the ground struggling to climb, getting ready to release (which means wasting 45 mins pushing back to the launch point and waiting for another tow) until being dragged into the air flopping about like a dying fish on the end of the towrope. In general you call up the towplane with "B21 towplane a few more knots would be nice" trying not to let the desparation enter your voice. The reply is typically "ok I'll see what I can do" which isn't totally encouraging but at least the tow pilot puts the nose down so you fly at 70 knots instead of 60 but with a derisory climb rate.


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:lightbulb_s: If you want a little extra with the CumulusX smart tow plane, add 10% wake turbulence simulation from AS2012 and have some fun! I think it is probably not very realistic but it does add plenty of incentive to stay out of the tow-planes wake that's for sure! Just don't increase it much beyond 10% or the tow rope will snap!



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