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SOAR Virtual Gliding Host

Peter Lürkens

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as backup to Scott's installations I have set up an additional (experimental) 24/7 multiplayer server for FS9/FSX with FSHOST here:

luerkens.homedns.org (put this into "IP Address" of your client), and port 23456.

I suggest using CumulusX! MP Soaring clock settings, 8 hrs mode.

It is limited to 16 simultaneous users and doesn't have voice options, currently, because of bandwidth limitations.

I decided for FSHOST rather than native FSX MP, because I'd need a second FSX license and the outdated "Server"-laptop (9 W only!) wouldn't handle FSX at all.

In addition, FSHOST allows simple reconnection "on the fly" (pun intended) in case of connectivity problems, without resetting the client situation.

All FS9 users should make sure that their client computer/software is open to incoming connections on UDP ports 23456, 6073, and the range from 2300-2400. FS9 users should also limit FPS to some reasonable value (e.g. 25) to avoid exaggerated network traffic.

let's try,


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Thanks Peter,

I have tried to connect to your FSHost server, using luerkens.homedns.org but when I 'search for sessions' I get 'no sessions found' error.

Is your server still running?

I am using Windows 7 with current service packs and I can connect to Scott's server OK.


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Hi Phil,

after three weeks of zero activity I didn't follow up with this anymore. After an automatic software update, the server was terminated.

However, I have set it up new, this time as an automatic service, so it will be running the next time again.



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