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(Force feedback) joystick?


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Dear Virtual Pilots

Newbie apologies if I'm repeating a question (I did search first for an answer, and emailed Aerosoft...) I've just bought Discus X, and am about to buy a joystick. My question is, do force feedback joysticks work well with Discus X? If so, is there a stick anyone can recommend (I already have pedals); if not, is there a middle-range flight-stick that you can recommend? (Given that I don't need a twist rudder). Saitek Aviator looks nice, but the reviews seem to dislike it.

Many thanks for your time and help in advance, Bertram

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Force feedback doesn't work well with ANY aircraft in FSX, thanks to the core coding. Improvements can be wrought with Fs Force 2


But you still end up with a fundamentally incorrect representation of trim as a control surface, not a control surface force.

That's not to say things may not have improved with force-SENSING sticks, but I'd rather pay premium money for Hall-Effect Sensors and quality implementation than to provide a false impression not actually properly supported by the simulator.

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I can widely support the previous statement. FSX force feed-back is totally rubbish. Fs-force is a tremendous improvement compared to FSX off-the-shelf (and FS9 likewise).

I tried several force-feedback sticks in the past:

CH-Force FX (only supported up to Windows Me, then no more)

Very robust, typical CH-quality. Mechanical feedback strongly uneven because of toothed wheel gear. Strong forces,

Logitech Wingman Forces

Totally smooth force reproduction beacuse of stell-wire winch gear force transmission, totally free of backlash. However, as good as the force transmission as bad the position sensing. To much backlash in the stick, so useless for sensible flying.

Saitek Cyborg Force

Weaker forces, but better compromise of precision of position sensing and force transmission. However, after quite some use the stick precision got more and more worse, so I gave it up.

Overall, I was pretty much disappointed from the force-feedback experience and went back to a cheap and most precise spring return stick (Saitek AV8R) which I became quite happy with.

I have no experience with pure force sensing sticks, i.e. a stick which doesn't move but just translates input force into control deflection (some fighters have, Mirage 2000, I think). This would give the chance of asking for higher forces depending on the flight attitude, which is somehow similar to reality, although there is no real glider which such stick.

best regards,


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Same from me. Force feedback is total crap in FSX if you've ever flowen a real airplane.

To be honest, even if not, it feels not real, because the movements the stick does is simply illogical...

I would recommend a spring loaded joystick.

I for example use since years the very cheap thrustmaster t-flight stick x and before its predecessor. It has a slightly strange feeling, but it is the only joystick I know wich fits between my legs standing ok on tghe chair and without blocking any control (as throttle for example) Try to find such a thing!! lol

Pedals are MUCH more important than force feedback.

Save the money and buy a nice add on, or the best spring loaded stick you can get.

Or wait for future sims wich probably will simulate it correct. But untill then, you'll need a stick, wich can do both. Control loading, or a simulated spring inside.

Cheers Joachim

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