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fsc9 not working...


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I'm trying to go to kjfk but it can't find the airport in the airport selection menu.

I type in kjfk and press "search by icao" and all I get is blank box showing no airport at all...?

I used to be able to do that with fsc8.6.

Thank you in advance,

David Di Domizio

No problem for me, maybe you mist something during the installation. Did you rebuild the database?

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I'm a new FSC9 user but it don't work in a client PC on the net. My network is ok because I use Squawbox in client server via WideFS with no problems.

In the setup on client PC FSC9 advise that can't find Fligh Simulator. The database is rebuilt correctly but when I start FSC9 there is always this warning " Database for Flight Simulator X missing or incomplete" - Please choose different version or run Database manager first" and the FSC do not start.

How can I choose a different version of Flight Simulator (FS2004); there is a FS2004 version only?

The same warning when I had istalled FSC9 in the same PC of FS2004.

Many thanks for your help

Paolo Maria Fradelloni

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