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  1. Sorry, I forgot to disabled an AFCAD file in Addon/scenery Thank you Paolo
  2. I Think I have the same problem but with the AI Traffic
  3. Hello Fabian, this happens when I click and it is the same for Carenado and Larnaca too
  4. I am not able to find where you said how can I change the unknown products as Antalia, Larnaka and so on. May you remember me? Thank you Paolo
  5. Hi, I have 120 credits and 95 used on FS9. Now I'm change my Simulator from FS9 to FSX - I had unistall FS9 and installed FSX. I have installed AES before install same scenery, but it see 95 credit yet used and only 61 free. On my PC there is only FSX installed. It is possible have all 120 credits free? Thank you Paolo
  6. Hi There is some discount for the owners of ver. 1? or will be an upgrade from ver. 1 to ver 2 in future? Thank you Paolo M.
  7. Hi, I have this problem: FSC 9 Database for FS9 do not read default airports scenery and Mega Scenery Munich. After running Database Manager without problems, when I search any airports as EDDM I have "ICAO not Found". Thanks for answers Paolo M. Fradelloni
  8. Hi, today I have purchased the FS9 version but do not work with AES 2.10. There is a patch? many thanks paolo
  9. Great, now it work. many many tanks Paolo M.
  10. Hallo, I'm a new FSC9 user but it don't work in a client PC on the net. My network is ok because I use Squawbox in client server via WideFS with no problems. In the setup on client PC FSC9 advise that can't find Fligh Simulator. The database is rebuilt correctly but when I start FSC9 there is always this warning " Database for Flight Simulator X missing or incomplete" - Please choose different version or run Database manager first" and the FSC do not start. How can I choose a different version of Flight Simulator (FS2004); there is a FS2004 version only? The same warning when I had ist
  11. Hallo, today I purchased the Mega Airport Budapest X (FSX+FS2004) and I've download the update 1.50, but there are ploblems with static vehicles as shows in the attacments. My PC is: - AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 6000+ - RAM 4 GB - Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX plus FS2004 with service pack 1 I have not problems with other Aerosoft sceneries Tnks Paolo M.
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