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since 1.21, the MCDU NAV RAD page needs multiple clicks on the respective LSKs until a VOR, ILS, NDB frequency or a course would be accepted by the MCDU.

How many clicks are required is totally arbitrary.

What happened?

Didn't you guys test this thing? It worked perfectly in 1.20.

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Just doing my first tries with the Airbus X. However I have encountered a problem when using Heathrow. I was assigned to land runwau 09L and inserted the ILS Frequency for this runway, i.e 110.3. First I got (SWZ) 110.3 and then I got IRR 110.3. ( which is that of Runway 27R. Neither of these is that for 09L. I have tried to enter the letters only hoping to get the right frequency but nothing happens.

I have tried to use 09R and inserted 109.5 and same thing happened -- no response.

Anyone have a clue of what is happening?



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It's common in real life for the localizers at each end of a chunk of concrete (9L/27R) to have the same frequency, especially in areas where there are a lot of ILS'es. Here in the states, there are only 40 of the 200 available nav frequencies available for ILS'es or localizers. A frequency is either a localizer (108.10, 108.15, 108.30, 108.35 (odd first digit after the decimal) and so on to 111.95) or a VOR/VORTAC/VOR DME (the remaining 160 freqs).

At KSEA, for example, of the six runway ends (34L/C/R and 16L/C/R), there are only three frequencies. 34L/16R share the same freq (110.75), 34C/16C do (110.70) and 34R/16L (110.30). Of course, only one set of ends is used at a time, and there's an interlock to keep both localizers of a pair from broadcasting at the same time. You'd have 34 L/C/R going, for example, and not broadcast the signals for the 16'es. While there are only three frequencies, there are six identifiers, one for each end of the three chunks of concrete. FSX isn't smart enough to switch ends as in real life, so it broadcasts all the signals at once.

The Airbus is the only FSX aircraft I have that's "inteligent"enough to associate the frequency with an ID and put it on the panel. I do know that my other aircraft see all the signals out there, it's just that you don't notice it, because you don't see the ID. In my experience with the Airbus, when entering the usual wide downwind, you'll see the ILS for the opposing runway until somwhere on base, when the correct one shows up on the PFD and on the RAD/NAV page of the MCDU. I would fully expect, for example, approaching Heathrow from the east that you'd first pick up the localizer for 27R, since you're heading pretty much west and you're east of the runway end for 27R. As you continue on towards base, and especially on base, either the Airbus "knows" (based on heading?) or maybe there's something in FSX that tells it so, but it's now obvious you're interested in 9L, so that's what you'll see.

As for SWZ, not knowing the area, but knowing there are only so many freqs, it's probably just a closer one that the 'bus smells, so that's what it displays.

It's a long answer, but I hope it helps.

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