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Eafs Will Be Included In Pm Databases


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I doubt many of you would be serious home cockpit fliers here, but anyway good news for Project Magenta users (if any).

The brain behind Project Magenta - Enrico Schiratti - just visited me and when I mentioned our small home-field, he gladly agreed upon that starting from next cycle that will be AIRAC 1009 Andras-Field will be permanently included in the PM Navigraph databases.

Perhaps not too many of us are concerned, but still a good news of getting a sort of 'official' recognition of EAFS.

Mind it, besides home cockpit users, Project Magenta is used by a lot of real flight-schools, level-3 sims and even the US-Navy, so we will be the first imaginary airfield existing in the monthly AIRAC cycles.

Just wanted to share this interesting news with you all.


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