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Mathijs Kok

Andras Airpark building code

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This is very much work in progress as we like to see this all done by the USERS of Andras Field but there are a few things that we feel can not be avoided. Feel free to jump in with ideas and suggestions! Please note the design limits for actual models to be included (amount of polygons etc) is under construction right now, we need to manage that to avoid the scenery getting to slow.

  1. All structures over 30 feet must have red warning lights at the highest point. These lights will have to be on 24/7.
  2. All structures over 40 feet are forbidden unless the Board of Directors agrees to them. They will have red warning lights and white flashers.
  3. No structures over 3 feet (including vegetation) is allowed within 9 feet of the taxiway edges.

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I think number 3 stays in conflict with the light poles which are standing right on the taxiway edges. I would suggest to search for another light-source which is less tall or rely on the aircraft's taxilights. Any dent or hole in an aircrafts leading edge is a financial desaster for nearly anybody. wink.gif

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