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After some more tows - I may have to re-think it. It's a bit on the wild side:

+10 climb, very fast and it tends to go into a steep left turn until aerotow kicks in and returns the tow to the pattern.

- Yes, I know I should retract the gear :blush::rolleyes:

I tried some other planes as well and interestingly some of the common tow planes tend to be a bit weak in FSX (Robin, Do-27). The Cessna 182 seemed very suitable to me in FSX (the club I was in as a kid had one as tug).

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10... you mean 1000ft/minute. You set your FSX to imperial.

1000tf/min are round about 5meter/second wich is possible with a strong tug.

The bush hawk has a 6 cylinder Lycoming IO 540 L1C5 with 300hp. This is almost the same engine used in an extra300 (Lycoming IO 540 L1B5 - 300hp)

So I guess It goes very well.

(Made aerotows in reallife only behind a Robin DR400-180 -180hp and that gave me round about 3.5meters/second (700ft/min). I think, it is probably possible to reach more than 5 meters with the BH)


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