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Mathijs Kok

So how fast is FSX really

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thank you,

Could you add the resolution of your monitor please?

1920x1080. But I never run FSX full screen as I like to run other programs at the same time.

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Nice performance! Well not nice, outstanding take in mind how good value for money your system is Mathijs! Mathijs, could you tell me if these specs would also give me the approx performance that you have. It's a new pc I'm looking at and very interested in. From www.alpinesystems.co.uk:

Intel i7 975 Extreme CPU

MSI X58 ECLIPSE Motherboard

12Gb Corsair TR3 Tri Channel Memory 1600Mhz

Samsung 1 Terrabyte 32Mb Cache HDD SATA

22x DVD Re-Writer Dual Layer

Ge-Force GTX 285 PCie DDR3 2GB Graphics

Creative Soundblaster Audio XI-FI

Dual Gigabit Lan


Deluxe Midi Tower Case with Superior 850w PSU

USB 2.0 x 12 (2 on front)

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

Thanks and an outstanding scenery!


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'I use a cheapo Windows Home Server machine to store my vintage porn collection and' :rolleyes:

IDEA FOR BIG BUCKS: you aerosoft should start selling beskope FSX box (aka)

240 Asus PT6 deluxe mobo (cheapest I could find at the time)

230 I7 920 CPU

110 3gb of mem, no idea what

50 600 watt power supply

40 Antec midi tower

50 500 gb Seagate HD

50 ATI 4650 1gb GPU

(not the movies plz)

I am sure there would be some takers. B)

what rez are you playing at? 3gb under vista 32 looks very low.

wonder if a SSD X25 drive wouldnt improve photoreal on that one.

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