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Computer Tech Help Needed?!

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Has anyone ever needed to copy a registry entry from an old hard drive. I need it so I don't have to re-type the discriptions and explainations of the FSHost servers I was running on that hard drive. I kinda also want to use it for a guideline of how the servers were set up, too. I don't want to go through the headache of hit and miss options if I don't have to.

I've been searching for a program that will do it, or is it possible to do it without a particular program? My situation is this, I need a registry entry from the old hard drive which is the secondary drive to my new hard drive. Since it doesn't have a working OS on that drive, is there a registry still there somewhere? I'm using Windows Vista32 SP2 on the new hard drive, and the old hard drive was running Vista32 SP1.


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