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cloud shadows


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Firstly I would like to thank you guys and congratulate you for your work on CumulusX!.Together with Simprobe it has vastly enhanced the enjoyment of soaring in FSX.

Well that's the soft soap ... now the "BUT"....

I like the idea of cloud shadows , but in mountain flying the shadows can quite often touch on a peak and jut out above you ! and even when on the ground they are so dark and the edges so sharp they look like holes in the ground .

I'm not sure how you have created the shadows but could you not just do the same as the clouds and create a plane with a texture+alpha channel, but at the base of the thermal , that way it won't be seen from underneath and you can fade the edges.

I guess the easiest solution is for me to disable the CumulusXCloud file , but if I do that are the birds still available under "natural" visualisation ?


Dave R



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Hi wingman5,

thanks for your comment. For a quick fix, simply disable "Aircraft casts shadow on ground" in Options/Settings/Display, tab aircraft. Though it will also remove your aircrafts shadow, this is most of the time invisible from the cockpit view anyway. As CumulusX! and its the thermal cloud system works now independently from FSX thermal system, you will not see any clue of thermals, if you delete the clouds models.

Actually the shadows are not by me but are a builtin feature of FSX for all AI objects unles you disable them explicitly in the 3D model file. Unfortunately, as many other flaws in FSX, the implementation is quite imperfect as anybody can see.

Thanks for your proposal regarding the "selfmade" shadows. At the end however is not that simple, as it doubles the load of object creation calls into FSX, and also produces some extra effort, to position the shadows correctly with respect to sun position, which is done for builtin shadows automatically. At the end of the day the floating effect will remain, as FSX always positions objects as close as possible on ground, but they will remain plane and never follow the terrain contour.

I will consider it.

best regards,


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