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MifflinRidgeRun2005 in FSX

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Wow! My first real attemped at finishing a full course that others have run. It started out with me putting my son down for a nap. Then I fired up FSX and CumulusX031 just to see if I could get to turnpoint1, then made it to turnpoint2 without my son waking up, then with about 5 minutes to go my son starts to fuss and I almost called the race. But then, he stopped fussing, so I continued to the finish and actually got to make a somewhat dangerous landing to go get my son who had just started to fuss again. I forgot to save the data inside FSX after the flight, but I did get to save the data from the flight recorder that "FSZweverView 2" uses.

After checking the race results page at the SOAR site, I found out if I would have been the only one to enter the Duo Discus X I would have placed in the Top 10 in 9th place. Not sure how everybody would have placed in FSX though.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable race that started out as just a run to the 1st turnpoint.



Race data from FSZweverView 2.


Close to the Finish.

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