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How To Download Arlanda Update In The Aerosoft Support Database?

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When I go to the faq and update page of aerosoft to update my arlanda airport, I see the update and features, but no link for the update?

Is it not available yet?

How can I get it?

Have a nice day! ;)

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Hello Folks,

The download link for the update now appears to be there.

Thanks a lot Shaun! ;)

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whats new in this update? :mellow:


Have a look in the faq and update page by aerosoft. There you find the list of features and the download.



1. New post terminal at the DHL cargo apron

2. Adjusted and corrected approach lights

3. Corrected scale of objects (cars, busses etc.)

4. Missing lines, taxi signs and objects added or corrected

5. Apron behind the Terminal F has been extended with the parking positions F44 F42 F40

6. Corrected scale of the PAPI lights

7. New exclude file to alter the AFCAD file with Lee Swordys AFCAD tool

8. Further cosmetical corrections

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