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  1. i don't get it, this is the same product available on this simmarket page, right? https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-tdm-scenery-design-airport-a-corua-msfs.phtml I bought it from simmarket on the 24/1 so I hope that we will receive the upcoming update 1.13 for free. Best Regards Mohamed Kaafar
  2. Again! wow, this is a real project from hell! god be with you Mathijs
  3. I'm not sure but i think that scenery can run on a 64 bit p3d platform but aircraft can't
  4. Holgi please make tunisair if possible
  5. Tunisair Please http://www.airliners.net/photo/Tunisair/Airbus-A319-114/2508771/&sid=4bb6151fe7dce453a0e4792598835e12
  6. no! its working now, after reinstalling everything
  7. sorry to bother! but i still have problem with AES
  8. Hi! after installing the latest version of aes the product cant connect to fs9 anymore. im using windows xp service pack 2 with fs9.1 the error i get is : Error while connecting flightsim. please start FS and place aircraft on active AES Airport. i´ve tried placing my aircraft on all my active airport but nothing happens. i also reinstalled AES.
  9. Hi! well i tought that version 1.10 would solve a lot of problem from original release like the approach light at runway 08 and the light poles ! i think the developper is doing a pretty bad job right now! please tell him to fix this asap! its not funny i paid 23 euro to enjoy this !
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