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  1. Hi, I want to purchase the Honeycomb - Throttle Pack for Airbus but there is no date for when the product is going to be available. Is it going to be months? weeks or days? Best Regards Mohamed
  2. i don't get it, this is the same product available on this simmarket page, right? https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-tdm-scenery-design-airport-a-corua-msfs.phtml I bought it from simmarket on the 24/1 so I hope that we will receive the upcoming update 1.13 for free. Best Regards Mohamed Kaafar
  3. Again! wow, this is a real project from hell! god be with you Mathijs
  4. I'm not sure but i think that scenery can run on a 64 bit p3d platform but aircraft can't
  5. Holgi please make tunisair if possible
  6. Tunisair Please http://www.airliners.net/photo/Tunisair/Airbus-A319-114/2508771/&sid=4bb6151fe7dce453a0e4792598835e12
  7. no! its working now, after reinstalling everything
  8. sorry to bother! but i still have problem with AES
  9. Hi! after installing the latest version of aes the product cant connect to fs9 anymore. im using windows xp service pack 2 with fs9.1 the error i get is : Error while connecting flightsim. please start FS and place aircraft on active AES Airport. i´ve tried placing my aircraft on all my active airport but nothing happens. i also reinstalled AES.
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