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Toolbar Pushback not detecting the Headwind A339X parking brake


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This has been reported by multiple members in the Headwind community. The free version detects it just fine, but the Aerosoft version does not.


Most users will be running the Headwind's pre-release version, as with the FlyByWire it is the recommended one. And no, I'm not running the SU15 Beta. I use symlinks for my addons so have only the airplane and a few supporting mods active. Also using the TCA quadrant with parking brake on it but that should not matter.


I can do a shaky pushback with a very heavily panting operator if I don't connect the tug and a ground marshal probably named Atlas pushes the plane by sheer force of will. But if I connect the tug, the parking brake starts flashing and from that moment forward the aircraft is solidly glued to the floor, not even going to TOGA can unglue it.

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We've included a profile for this aircraft in the next update, which should resolve this issue.

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Fine then, I will ask the obvious question. When will that update be releasing?


In the meantime I will try copying the FBW profile. You did make it easy with those json-files, my compliments.

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