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  1. Hi, hat funktioniert. Danke für die schnelle Lösung. Vg
  2. Hi, nach dem Update von SAM2 auf SAM3 (3.0.5) machen diverse Soundmods Probleme, u.a. festgestellt bei - Toliss A321 BSS Sound Mods (egal welcher) - FTSim+ Sound Mods Beim Einschalten der External Power landen die Relais in einer Art Soundschleife und klackern durchgehend. Ich konnte in einigen alten Foreneinträgen ähnliche Meldungen bezüglich alter SAM2 Versionen finden. Ist dort ein alter Fehler vielleicht wieder zurück gekommen? Beim Rollback auf SAM2 ist sofort alles wieder normal. Vg
  3. @GEK_the_Reaper thanks for your reply. I already plan to do some flights with logged settings and precise error description as soon as possible to make it reproducible. I've completed the tutorials (that time it was version 1.0). Regarding the tutorial the problems already begin with the documentation: as for site 1-1-11 of the operating manual the CG settings don't fit with the current MSFS settings. Therefore I have to suggest the correct values. The EFB is also quite a mystery. There are different recommendations to set the settings with a single or double click. And why do the payload results change after confirm (enter) certain payload values again? example for tutorial: - MSFS setting: empty cg: 35 % / center of gravity: 17.81 % / weight settings reset - input passengers, cargo, fuel with individual confirmations with the virtual enter key - set payload with single click --> CFG CG: 18.4 % / TOW: 28.631 kg / CG: 19.1 % / TO Trim 7.3 (nothing fits) - set payload again --> everything seems fine - click in forward cargo and enter again : payload results change again Nevertheless I am going to work through the documentations once again.
  4. I can confirm all of the mentioned behaviors and I also have the feeling that any kind of these reports seem to be rejected. I particularly notice the taxi drag with the CRJ and specially the CG / performance issue is unique to this plane. You can set all weights, fuels and performance values perfectly - everything is "green". I even reset the MSFS weight/fuel settings and disabled ice-effect etc. The plane climbs and cruises flawlessly for quite some time. But particularly at higher flight levels the entire performance goes crazy out of nothing. The CG immediatly is out of line, the drag is at maxmimum, so after a few minutes the airplane can't even hold 140 knots and it seems that there are 100 t of weight in the aft section (nose goes up like nothing). I am not saying that this behavior is not related to any settings but it seems not to be a simple user error. There are too many people who report things like that in chats and so. Like the error with the atc sound after the last update - so many people report it but it is not taken seriously.
  5. Same problem with me - last time yesterday. Normal flight conditions, FL320. Didn't even managed to capture the altitude. Loss of thrust and climbing abilities. Followed all tweaks and tips.
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