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Aerosoft Airport Berlin Brandenburg updated to V2

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Aerosoft Airport Berlin Brandenburg
NEW: Now compatible with Xbox!
NEW: Dense animated custom ground traffic with applicable lights and sounds!
NEW: Apron E extension with new parking positions E21-E35 including static GPUs
NEW: Apron A extension with new parking positions A13-A19
NEW: Honeywell VDGS systems (requires Aerosoft VDGS driver)
NEW: Animated people added to the terminals
NEW: Static aircraft (mainly around maintenance areas)
NEW: Aprons and taxiways now show more signs of usage since the airport has been opened.
NEW: Skydiving center VFR object (07L approach)
NEW: New Easyjet maintenance hangar
NEW: New Hotel building at airport plaza behind main terminal
NEW: Container offices structure between main apron and tower
NEW: Bast fences around tower
NEW: Perimeter fences around the whole airport
NEW: More vehicle parking positions for better compatibility with GSX
NEW: Easter egg :)
UPDATED: Huge update of ground layout with many little details changed
UPDATED: More parked cars around airport
UPDATED: Improved texture resolution for most buildings
UPDATED: Improved performance: All models have LODs now
UPDATED: Fixed night illumination and detail of apron lights + collision barriers
UPDATED: Position of stand designator signs + added collision barriers
UPDATED: New Wigwag models
UPDATED: Taxiway guidance at main apron updated to have "virtual courts" (road crossing the apron in the north can now be crossed at one location only, has in-concrete flashlights at stop bars)
UPDATED: Stand positions for less collisions with static equipment
UPDATED: More realistic interior lighting of main terminal
UPDATED: All taxisigns updated to reflect the current apron/taxiway layout
UPDATED: Taxisigns now cause light on the surrounding terrain
UPDATED: Removed default road overlays within airport perimeter
FIXED: Renamed Gate A23 to A11 and A24 to A12
FIXED: Airstairs can now be requested via ATC at gates with no jetways connected to them
FIXED: Updated gate names with A/B/C appendix (e.g. B0702 to B07B as in real world)
FIXED: Removed default road lightdots on airside/apron
FIXED: Terminal sign for B14 was duplicated, B15 missing -> now fixed
FIXED: Transparencies for some airport type designators along stop markers
FIXED: Smoothed some bumpy terrain around bridges and terminal landside
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