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Bridge software stops working when minimized to system tray

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I'm using the latest version of the PMDG 737-800 under MSFS (; MSFS v11.0.282174.99) and the Bridge software v2022.1.0.exe. I'm on the v3.0.1 firmware currently. Everything works absolutely perfect except one thing.

When I minimize the bridge software to the system tray by clicking the "-" in the upper right corner the connection somehow gets lost after about 5 seconds or so. The display still shows the CDU but it is not accepting any inputs at that time anymore. As soon as I'm maximizing the bridge software window from the system tray the software starts to display all key press input figures that did not show up before and I can then start to use the CDU normally again.

In short. The bridge software does not work in minimized condition for me. I do not have any other programs running at that time and I tested several USB ports including some directly at my PC without a hub in between.


Will an upgrade to the latest firmware solve the problem? I'm not a big fan of firmware updates, thats the reason ehy I'm asking.


Thank you!


Best regards Andi 

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We will point our your request to the people at Cockpit Master. Sorry we missed it here.
We simply have not seen this issue before (nor does it seem anybody else) and simply have no idea what could cause this.

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  • Aerosoft


Indeed, my bad. I overlooked this question, sorry.

I cannot reproduce the issue either.
My config is however slightly different : CockpitSimulator software v0.10.6 / Firmware 1.4.0.

Minimizing doesn't break the communication at all.

We will, as Mathijs said, ask the manufacturer about this.


Best regards.

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  • Herman locked this topic
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On 1/27/2023 at 10:25 AM, Andreas Vavra said:

Ok..topic is closed for me.


I'm keeping in mind that Cockpitmaster support is not existant and I keep my fingers crossed that my CDU will never have a real defect. 


Closed as you wish, but any reply received from CockpitMaster can be added by a moderator.

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