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Maasvlakte heliport, for free!

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I told you we would not dump this project and move on, everybody involved just loves it and  we think it deserves some new helipads!


Well at Rotterdam there is a small heliport for the pilots who assist ships into the port (pilot in this sense means a ships captain).  You will see the small vessels that bring the pilots to the ships, but also a helicopter hangar and a helipad. For the biggest ships that need a pilot far out a helicopter is faster and more weather reliable. 









It seemed a nice addition to the project to add this. It is a very quick and easy way to get to the ships.


Cue the television sales channel voice... But there is more! 

Close to this location are the two harbor lights of Rotterdam. See here are image of those:


Credits to https://kustverlichtingsmuseumhoekvanholland.nl/nieuwe-lichten-aan-de-maasmond/


You see there are two rather massive helipads on top of them. They are used for training purposes. Pilots who want to fly the offshore routes use these pads to train their skills. You often see helicopters land on one, take-off and land on the other (rinse and repeat). 










You should not take this addition very serious. It looks okay but is hard to get it super realistic.  But hey,.... it's free and you get three more helipads!

Oh and should you wonder... yes those solar panels are there. We assume they are mounted very solid.





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