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Static versus moving

Moving versus static  

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  1. 1. Which ship is moving?

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Because we knew this would create some controversie we ask people to read the manual before they buy where we explain in detail why we made the choices we made.  Basically it was choosing between 100% accurate placement and 700+ landable ships versus ships being where they are not allowed to come and zero landable ships. We also did extensive testing if people see if a ships that has no static (fixed) object close by can be actually see as moving. Just as hovering a helicopter over the sea in a fixed location is impossible because you have no reference, our testers could simply not see the difference.  When you have no static point of reference, it is simply impossible to determine if an object moves or if you are experiencing the effects of wind.  Newton found that out.


But it still seems a lot of people do not believe Newton, lol. So I made a very quick video with four ships. They all have the same animations (wake) and the wind was the same. If it would be possible to see movement (4 knots) so easily it should be easy to see which of these four ships was moving. 



The ship is the car carrier btw, extremely ugly looking ships. 

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