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How to use the TCA throttle, the reverse levers and Starter buttons with Aerosoft Aibusses under P3Dv4/v5

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I want to know why nothing was never discussed about assigning some of the other functions that need to mapped to the TCA Auto-Throttle Quadrant and the TCA Sidestick. These include assigning the Auto-Throttle Disconnect to the red buttons on the TCA Auto-Throttle Quadrant as well as the Auto-Pilot Disconnect for TCA Sidestick. Not one word was mentioned about how to make these assignments and what hotkeys to use. This was very irritating because those actions are very import and want them assigned or mapped to my controlling devices. It irritates me that FSX nor P3D never included these actions in their sims. I know I can use the FSUIPC but that is not what I want, unless that's the only choice. But surely since there are many more hotkeys that can be used, surely some of them can be used to map these actions. These should have been brought up when the tutorial was put out. I want to use all the buttons, switches, and levers that is built with these devices, not just half of them. What are the actions of the rest of the hotkeys provide that were never mentioned in the tutorial?



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