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  1. The one important question is that is the CRJ Professional installed along with the previous CRJ 700/900, or is this a separate install? I was wondering, does the CRJ 700/900 need to be uninstalled before installing this CRJ professional version?: Ken.
  2. Hi Dave, I was just reading your post from January of 2018 regarding the extremely low frame rate. Anyway, I just upgrade my P3D to version 4.5 and reinstalling all my addons. I've have the Airbus 318 through the 321, and had this Airbus installed in the past, but I don't recall having this type of issue with slow frame rates. I first installed the Airbus 318 and 319, and the I did not notice any jerkiness or slow frame rate. But after I installed the Airbus 320 and 321, that's when I noticed it. My frame rate averages around 10 fps and everything to too jerky. I thought I would leave you my computer information so that you can find out if that's the problem, so here they are: Windows 7 Home Edition, 64 bit Processor: Intel i5 processor 2310 cpu 2.9Ghz. Installed Memory: 8Gb Video Graphics Card: Nvidia GForce GTX-960, total memory 4,095 Mb. Ken.
  3. Hi Tom, Thanks for your help. It's strange why the antivirus program detect the file as a Trojan because I did have the antivirus turned off when I installed the Airbus. I checked my quarantine folder and sure enough, it was there. But I restored it and not the .exe is where it should be. I had to figure out how to do this because I've never had that issue before. Oh, by the way, I notice while reading the manual that y'all only tested the Airbus in Windows 10. I have Windows 7 64 bit, and it's worked okay so far. I guess I need to update to Windows 10 someday. Ken.
  4. I just installed the Airbus A318/A319 Professional and the main directory does not include the Configurator.exe in the Configurator folder. It only includes the product.cfg file. The manual says that this configurator.exe is found in the Configurator folder but it's not there. I can even go to the star menu and select that from there and Windows cannot find it, Why is this Configurator.exe file missing? Ken.
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