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Right Clicking to Left Click a Button

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Hi guys,


I have Legacy cockpit interaction mode on, and I think it's well known around here that you have to right click, then left click the AP knob buttons in order to use them (at least with Legacy, been a while since I've tried Lock).  My question is, does anyone know why/what control binding that's using?


Using the Default mouse profile, it's never been an issue.  Left click doesn't work for some reason, but the right then left click work around has always done right by me.  However, I recently picked up the Leonardo Maddog, which requires secondary actions on a lot of buttons; binding secondary action to a thumb button didn't seem to work, but per their manual removing the "right click to free look" binding on the default profile and now right clicking does what it's supposed to on their buttons and switches.


However, I went back to the CRJ with that same profile, the only difference being "Freelook hold" is no longer bound to right click, and I cannot push those center buttons anymore.  Not with left clicking, not with right and then left clicking.  I went back to the Default mouse profile, and bam, now I can right/left click the buttons as I could before, but I cannot imagine why I would need to momentarily freelook in order to use them.


Does anyone know exactly why that right click left click action is necessary, and maybe a control binding I can set that would work better?  I have separate controller profiles for almost all of my mainstay fliers, so a separate mouse profile for the MD-82 isn't that big a deal, but I'd like to understand that oddity that apparently I need free look in order to click these buttons.

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