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FPL loading into FS Labs

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I moved to a new PC and moved also the files from PFPX with all my aircrafts and so. But it seems the options where not moved and now I have the problem that FS Labs is not using the generated route. I tried some paths but nothing worked. According to the manual C:\Users\Public\Documents\FSLabs Data is the right one but nope. Does someone has a hint on that?

Or either how to move my old settings to the new PC? That would also help I think.



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vor 46 Minuten schrieb srcooke:

Save the PFPX format OFP to C:\Users\Public\Documents\FSLabs Data\Routes

Please read my post again and as I said it does not worked. The fpl is saved there in the format EDDFLPPT01.flp when exporting/saving via PFPX. Thats all but hasn't worked on 2 flights.

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FSL does not use a .fpl format.


Either save the OFP to the path posted  ( preffered method ) or export a P3D plan to Documents/Prepar3D v5 Files which is a .pln format.

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